Automatic Aniline Point Tester aap-6

The AAP-6 system automatically determines the aniline point across a broad spectrum of samples. Its unique feature lies in the use of a specialized infrared detector, allowing the instrument to penetrate dark or opaque samples, such as those found in power generation fuels and marine diesel oils.

For viscous samples solid at room temperature, the measuring cell can be effortlessly detached and placed on an analytical balance for weighing purposes. Cleaning the measuring cell is a simplified and safer process, as it can be accomplished without disassembly.

Addressing safety concerns associated with aniline, ISO has introduced a new test method (ISO 21493) in which aniline is replaced with a safer reagent, p-anisaldehyde, defining the test as the turbidity point. This method provides an equation enabling users to calculate the aniline point equivalent based on the turbidity point. Tanaka and AAP-6 played a significant role in the Interlaboratory Study (ILS) for the development of this method. The AAP-6 now features the ISO 21493 mode, allowing the instrument to conduct replicate tests according to the repeatability defined in the ISO method.

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