Portable and Laboratory Mercury Analyzers

RA-915 Lab is the new direct fully automated laboratory mercury analyzer with 45 position autosampler. It provides accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurements in the broadest range of applications areas. The instrument analyzes solid, semisolid, and liquid samples with no pretreatment, reagents and almost no wastes. RA-915 Lab can be supplied without autosampler.


Atomic absorption spectrometry at 254 nm with Zeeman correction for background absorption makes interference-free measurements easy and quick and provides the most selective and sensitive analysis.


-Direct analysis of solid, semisolid and liquid samples, any kind of sorbent traps
-Unique analytical range extended up to 2 000 000 ppb
-No sample pretreatment, no reagents, almost no wastes
-No compressed gases (oxygen or argon), no pre-concentration on gold traps
-Powerful and user-friendly RAPID software with flexible operation modes
-No memory effect: a sample with low mercury concentration can be analyzed right after one having high mercury content
-PC controlled programmable furnace temperature: optimal decomposition mode for any kind of samples



-soils, sediments
-rocks, ores, minerals
-crude oil, oil products, naphtha, petrochemicals
-coal, coke, fly ash, gypsum
-waste waters, wastes, sludge
-food, nutritional additives, animal feedstuff
-biosamples: tissues, hair, urine, blood, etc.
-drugs and cosmetics, plastics, fertilizers, raw materials

Mercury analysis with RA-915 Lab fully complies with globally applied standards:
•ASTM D5954, D6722, D7622
•ISO 6978, ISO 20552
•US EPA methods PS12B, 30B, 7473
•EN/TS 17286, UOP 938
•and others

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