Total Nitrogen/Sulfur/Chlorine Analyzer – TN/TS/TX 6000

The NEXIS Total Nitrogen/Sulfur/Chlorine combustion analyzer provides a robust solution for laboratories requiring rapid evaluation of nitrogen and sulfur samples, along with simultaneous processing of total chlorine samples. This innovative device integrates a unique combustion tube design with sensitive pulsed UV-Fluorescence and chemiluminescence detectors, ensuring exceptional stability, low detection limits, and remarkable linearity in accordance with international regulatory (ASTM) methods. The analyzer is also available in individual configurations for Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Chlorine. Included with the NEXIS is the AS120, a 120-position XYZ liquids autosampler capable of handling both highly volatile and viscous samples.


Key Features

  • Simultaneous Total Sulfur + Nitrogen data down to 50 ppb
  • Application flexibility with syringe and boat sample introduction modules
  • TX module for accurate and fast Total Chlorine analysis
  • Enhanced application range for solids, liquids and LPG/Gasses
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