Decon AW

The New Standard in Anti-Wear Additive Technology

Leveraging the innovative Solvancer® patent-pending technology, DECON AW emerges as a top-tier hydraulic fluid enhancer solution, transforming in-service oil into an advanced antioxidant and anti-wear system. Through the integration of DECON AW, hydraulic oil gains the capability to withstand exceptionally high thermal loads, ultimately extending the service life of your machinery and equipment.

Extend the Life of Your Hydraulic Fluid

Designed as a hydraulic fluid enhancement solution, DECON AW is crafted to assist facilities in minimizing unwarranted oil waste. By prolonging the lifespan of hydraulic oil, this product enables the maximization of hydraulic fluids, leading to cost savings and a decreased environmental footprint.

Utilizing proprietary technology, DECON AW replaces depleted antioxidants and restores the anti-wear properties of hydraulic oil. This process involves substituting ineffective chemistry with a more efficient and cost-effective alternative.

In contrast to conventional chemical solutions, DECON AW, akin to DECON, demonstrates outstanding oxidation stability and ensures no detrimental impact on the performance of in-service hydraulic fluids.


Key Features of DECON AW

  • Prolongs the life of hydraulic fluids
  • Significantly reduces the oil’s varnish potential (as measured by MPC, UC, and Particle Counts)
  • Minimizes sludge, varnish, and other deposits from your system
  • Dissolves varnish from machine internals
  • Improves the deposit control performance of in-service hydraulic oils
  • Reduces the need for fluid changes
  • Lowers downtime due to fluid changes
  • Cuts hydraulic fluid purchases
  • Minimizes risky and costly flushes
  • Reduces carbon emissions by cutting demand
  • Improves RULERTM test results
  • Improves the performance of servo-valves
  • Increases the efficiency of heat exchangers
  • Provides long-term protection against varnish, sludge, and deposits
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