With enhanced processing, higher resolution, RULER provides critical information on the health of your lubricant.

Discover oxidation earlier than with any other technologies.

Beyond their lubricating function, oils serve as historical archives, offering a remarkably accurate record of machine events and contaminant ingressions. The question arises: Can we tap into this valuable information?

The RULER® presents a comprehensive view of a fluid’s antioxidant health, essentially acting as a window into the well-being of your lubricant. This technology proves to be a crucial component of an effective condition monitoring program.

Historically, indirect measurements of a fluid’s antioxidants were employed, with tests like RPVOT (ASTM D2272) gauging oxidative stability to infer antioxidant levels. However, such methods have proven less effective in today’s intricate formulations that utilize hydro-treated mineral oils and new antioxidant technologies.

Direct measurement techniques like infrared analysis (FTIR) may fall short in providing a complete picture. FTIR interpretation can be intricate, and certain additive components may obscure the critical antioxidant region.

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