It sounds like DECON is a specialized hydraulic fluid additive that utilizes Solvancer® patent-pending technology to dissolve varnish and organic deposits from machine internals. This process is designed to effectively decontaminate material assets, reducing the oil’s varnish potential and providing long-term protection against deposits and sludge.

One notable feature of DECON is its claim to leave no residues when it degrades, distinguishing it from other hydraulic fluid chemical products used for fluid deposits. This characteristic can be crucial in maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of hydraulic systems over time.

The product seems to be positioned as a solution for global manufacturers and plants looking to enhance operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and ultimately improve their bottom line. The trust placed in DECON by these entities suggests a level of reliability and effectiveness in addressing the challenges associated with varnish and organic deposits in hydraulic systems.

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  • Outstanding Solubility – Features optimal solubility to dissolve oil deposits
  • Exceptional Deposit Control – Prevents deposits from forming in the long run, unlike other chemical solutions for lubrication systems
  • No Impact on Oil Performance – Produces no adverse impact on the oil’s demulsibility, air release, foam, etc.
  • Better Seal Compatibility – Offers better seal compatibility than mineral oil and handles changes in mass, volume, strength, and modulus better

The key factor contributing to DECON's outstanding performance lies in its solubility. DECON shares similar chemical characteristics with substances involved in oil degradation. Adhering to the solubility principle of "Like Dissolves Like," DECON efficiently dissolves the agents responsible for oil degradation, all while preserving the chemistry and performance of the in-service oil.

In a simulated 6-year scenario, the oil incorporating DECON exhibited notably reduced varnish potential. In comparison to the control group (oil lacking DECON), the oil enriched with our chemical solution for in-service hydraulic oil is less prone to degradation, reducing the likelihood of issues in your machinery.

The diminished presence of varnish, sludge, and organic deposits translates to cost savings in operation and maintenance, while also minimizing machine downtime.

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