Fluitec ESP v200

Fluitec’s ESP™ V200 contamination control units are purposefully crafted for seamless integration into the lube oil systems of various equipment. Offering optimal flexibility, these units effectively manage contaminants in critical lubrication systems. Specifically designed for compressors, gas and steam turbines, as well as Solar® Turbines and other gas turbine packages, the ESP  V200 eliminate the necessity for a kidney-loop filtration system. Instead, they provide a stainless-steel, pressure-tested housing directly plumbed into the gas turbine’s lube oil system.

Noteworthy advantages include a reduced carbon footprint, as these units operate without the need for additional power, contributing to extended oil life. Furthermore, their compact physical footprint simplifies installation in the lube oil console. For optimal performance, it is recommended to combine the ESP V100 and V200 with Fluitec’s DECON™ product line, thereby becoming part of the Fluitec Fill4Life™ lubrication ecosystem.

  • Proven to increase antioxidant life by 50%
  • Removes varnish forming products faster
  • Customized Media specific to your oil
  • Provides lower varnish potential (MPC)
  • No moving parts and less maintenance
  • Suitable for explosion proof environments
  • Lube oil console provides spill containment making it leak free
  • Reduces CO2e annually by 97% compared to standard Vita ESP II unit
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