Benchtop XRF analyzer

Timeless, Tough And Ready To Work

The LAB-X5000 stands out as the ultimate elemental analysis tool, specifically designed for swift and straightforward quality control processes.

The software has undergone streamlining for enhanced simplicity, effectively reducing the time between sample collection and result retrieval, thereby increasing testing throughput. Our adept developers have meticulously optimized both analysis routines and hardware selection, ensuring high-quality analysis across a spectrum of materials including petrochemicals, paper, polymers, minerals, and general chemicals.

Featuring a large industrial-grade touch screen display, the LAB-X5000 provides easily interpretable results, complete with pass/fail judgments and SmartCheck messages offering guidance on how to handle samples that fall outside specified parameters. For advanced users seeking to maximize the flexibility of the LAB-X5000, the creation of calibrations for new applications is a seamless process.



The LAB-X5000 redefines analysis by combining software inspired by our point-and-shoot handheld analyzers with hardware features tailored for high-throughput laboratory testing. This integration enhances speed, ease of use, and versatility, making it a pioneering solution in the realm of laboratory analysis.

  • Large industrial grade touch screen for improved readability and control.
  • Entirely new, streamlined user interface for easier navigation.
  • True one-touch measurement start for improved sample throughput.
  • High resolution detector for improved flexibility and shorter measurement time.
  • Connectivity to LiveConnect, a cloud-based service for data storage, access and sharing.
  • The LAB-X brand has been tried and trusted for 45 years and has been a success due to its outstanding ease of use and reliability.
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