X-Strata920 Micro spot XRF Analyzer

Measuring coating thickness through X-ray fluorescence (XRF) stands as a well-established method in various industries, delivering swift and non-destructive analyses. The X-Strata920, specifically crafted for both the electronics and metal finishing sectors, is adept at gauging single and multi-layer coatings, including alloyed layers.

Our in-house experts have fine-tuned the X-Strata920 to yield dependable, reproducible outcomes across a spectrum of applications. These include PCB surface finishes, connector coatings, corrosion resistance, decorative finishes, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and more. In scenarios where precision in mils or microns is crucial, the X-Strata920 ensures accuracy and reliability.

Equipped with approximately 800 pre-loaded, user-friendly application parameters/methods, the X-Strata920 boasts high-performance capabilities across various elements. Managing overlapping parameters is facilitated through spectral separation using secondary beam filters.

In instances where calibration standards are unavailable, the fundamental parameters (FP) methods furnish trustworthy quantitative results. Employing a limited set of standards, optimal accuracy is achieved through empirical calibrations. The inclusion of automatic thermal compensation enables temperature measurement and correction, ensuring stability in results. Swift spectrum calibration allows for performance checks and necessary adjustments. The X-Strata920 offers three configuration options—standard base, programmable base, and mini-well base—to cater to diverse analytical needs. Additionally, its autolock function enhances security by preventing unauthorized usage of the instrument.

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