XRF Coating Thickness Gauge FT150

The FT150 series, a cutting-edge model in Hitachi’s product range, is a high-performance X-ray Fluorescence Coating Thickness Gauge. It features an enhanced X-ray optical focusing system, utilizing a polycapillary, making it particularly appealing to the electronic components industry. This industry, with its continuous emphasis on the miniaturization of circuit elements and integrated components, finds the FT150 series well-suited to its needs. Moreover, this series excels in delivering fast, secure, and straightforward testing of thin film coating thickness and composition for micro areas within samples measuring under 100 μm square.


Main Features

(1) High-speed measurement
Measurement throughput for representative applications, including Au/Pd/Ni/Cu multi-layer coatings,
is double or greater than that of previous systems (FT9500X).

(2)Suitable for microchip components
The FT150h is also suitable for microchip component applications including Sn/Ni/Ag.

(3) Safety combined with ease-of-use
Incorporation of a sealed cabinet minimizes the chance of X-ray leakage and a smoothly-operating sample door offers both safety and ergonomic access. The FT150L also allows measurement for large printed circuit boards, up to 600×600 mm in size.

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